What you need to know about brake maintenance

Your brakes need a yearly checkup just as you would go to your doctor for a physical. Neglecting your brakes can be costly and detrimental to the overall health of your vehicle. Brake systems over the years haven’t changed a great deal, but technology in most vehicles still has the hydraulic brake system, with anti-lock brake and ABS. And to keep the brakes lasting longer, they need periodic maintenance – and will ultimately save you money. Here’s how your brakes... View Article

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Don’t let your air conditioning fail you this summer

There are a few things in summer that are an absolute must: road trips, beach days – and air conditioning! Keeping your window down the entire road trip won’t bode well for your guests – or the free flow of conversation to talk over all that wind. Air conditioning helps make the summer heat bearable. Given this heat wave that descended upon Southern Ontario this summer, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately about Air Conditioning and the importance... View Article

Eastside Loyalty

Have you joined our world-class loyalty program yet?

Our customers rely on us to take care of their vehicles and ensure they have a safe, reliable and comfortable ride. It’s been that way since 1969, and we intend to continue this tradition of exceptional customer and vehicle care for many years to come. Having been Oakville’s most trusted auto repair shops for almost 50 years, it is safe to say that our community has always been a contributing factor in helping shape our family business. The service our... View Article


How long do you think your car will last?

Vehicles are one the biggest investments you can make in your life. When you take pride in taking care of your car – your car will take care of you. Your car is a part of the family and when you think about it, it can be a significant part of your life in terms of how often you rely on it to power your days. Just as you would take care of your body, showing obvious signs of neglect... View Article


Cruise Into Summer With Our Comprehensive Maintenance Package

Picture this – you’re taking off for the family vacation, disconnecting from the real world for awhile as you set out on the open road – and then all of a sudden your dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree putting a pause on your getaway! As car owners ourselves, we know that is one of the worst feelings ever, putting quite the damper on your family vacation. That’s why we’re here to put your mind and wallet at ease... View Article


8 Areas of Your Car to Check This Spring

Winter can be rather unforgiving to cars in Southern Ontario. And with an extremely unpredictable season coming and going, problems can arise within our cars unexpectedly and build up over time. With winter (hopefully) in the rear-view mirror and summer road trips taking shape in front of us, it’s wise to take preventative measures and have repairs done to your car to avoid any inconvenience and stress when you hit the open road for a vacation this summer. With countless... View Article

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The Pain of Potholes

Wow the roads are quite a mess right now! I can’t remember the last time there were so many potholes on our roads and highways. The other day I was traveling along the 401 towards Scarborough to take my son to a swim meet at the Pan Am Centre, and hit a pothole that had to be at least two feet square. The uneasy feeling of the vehicle as it walloped into the pothole sent chills down my spine as... View Article

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Eastside Auto Service Welcomes the Aktive Motors Community

to read Christian Skovbjerg’s full letter to the entire Aktive Motors community Aktive Motors is a full service SAAB & European Car specialty shop located in Oakville. Christian Skovbjerg is the owner and founder of Aktive Motors and an expert in automotive engineering. His passion for the SAAB brand has seen him working with several SAAB dealers across the GTA and eventually back to his native Sweden in 1994 as a Service Educator for SAAB at their head office. After... View Article

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Pushing the Limits This Winter Season Starts at Eastside

Maintaining your vehicle for the winter season shouldn’t cause you stress, worry or a significant hit to your bank statement. At Eastside Auto Service, we wholeheartedly believe that a well maintained vehicle runs better, lasts longer, has a higher resale value – and saves you money in the long run. In fact, many studies have shown that $1 spent on maintaining your vehicle will save between $17 and $22 on unnecessary repairs and replacement costs down the road. Our guiding... View Article

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Why You Need Winter Tires in Canada

Here we are again. It’s the unique time of year when we’re told to “brace ourselves” for a classic Canadian winter. A time when meteorologists hit us with weather patterns that start with blue bird skies that transition into a massive snow squall coming from the Arctic as the week ends. Blizzards, freezing rain, icy highways are just a rite of passage into a Canadian winter – and all we can do is prepare for the worst and hope for... View Article