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Don’t let your air conditioning fail you this summer

There are a few things in summer that are an absolute must: road trips, beach days – and air conditioning! Keeping your window down the entire road trip won’t bode well for your guests – or the free flow of conversation to talk over all that wind. Air conditioning helps make the summer heat bearable. Given this heat wave that descended upon Southern Ontario this summer, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately about Air Conditioning and the importance... View Article

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Stay Cool With Our A/C and Summer Maintainence Specials

Imagine hopping into the car on a hot summer morning when you suddenly realize your car’s air conditioner is blowing hot air. Or worse… the kids are buckled into the backseat on a summer road trip when the car A/C stops working.  It’s happened to all of us. Fortunately, these worst-case scenarios can be avoided by being proactive and getting your car professionally serviced before you end up stuck on the side of the road in the summer heat.