It is my honour to welcome the entire Aktive Motors family to our Eastside community.

Click here to read Christian Skovbjerg’s full letter to the entire Aktive Motors community

What impressed me immediately about Christian was the level of attention, care and commitment he has for his customers. The way he looks after his community fell in line with our ideals and culture at Eastside Auto Service – and it made for a positive transition.

I made a promise to Christian that our entire team would take very good care of his Saab Family and work to preserve the values and high-standards that he worked so hard to instil.

And it is my promise to you that you will have access to an award-winning and dedicated team to handle all of your needs.


As a special Welcome to the family, we invite you to Save $50.00 on any service booked. Expiry Date June 30,2018. See service advisor for any questions.

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